For peace of mind, pre-arranging your funeral is an ideal solution. Most people plan for an orderly conclusion to life with a will, adequate life insurance benefits and pension plan. The pre-arranged funeral is part of this kind of sensible planning. When a death occurs, a period of adjustment begins for the family and friends. The pre-arranged funeral saves them the task of making important decisions during a time of emotional stress.

Pre-arrangement is a practical way of determining an individual’s wishes for a funeral in advance. The pre-arranged funeral provides the opportunity to decide the type of services preferred and outline instructions for final arrangements. In advance of need, you and your family can discuss and act together, on what will meet everyone’s needs with regards to the funeral service.

A pre-arranged funeral has many benefits including:

  • You can protect your loved ones from unnecessary stress that is related to making difficult decisions at an emotional time.
  • Your family will be relieved from any burden of collecting family details and information.
  • By making all your choices now, you can be assured your wishes are known.
  • Your pre-arranged funeral can be altered if you change your mind regarding a selection.
  • Pre-arranging your funeral is simple and costs you nothing.

A pre-arranged funeral enables you to detail the arrangements that you want included in your funeral, such as:

  • Whether you prefer a burial or cremation.
  • Where you want your funeral service to be conducted.
  • If you prefer a service to be in a church, chapel or graveside and the verses or reading you prefer.
  • The type and colour of coffin or casket.
  • Your preferred music, flowers, service sheets, refreshments and more.

In addition you can provide the necessary information about your family for the purposes of Births, Deaths and Marriages. This includes names of parents, spouse, children, dates of birth and your own details. By providing this in advance the family then do not need to recall all those details while emotional and grieving.

For those of you wishing to lock in your funeral preference items at today’s prices, we also offer pre-paid funeral services. Funds paid towards your funeral are deposited with an external pre-paid funeral fund management company, ensuring your money is safe and available for use specifically for the funeral. With all of your preferences and choices recorded and the funeral money set aside, you will have no need to worry about the funeral in any way as the time approaches.

At Orange Funerals our funeral directors are experienced professionals who you can contact at any time. Our staff will help explain the various funeral service options that you may care to consider and will ensure your wishes are properly recorded.

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